End table for my wife.

Just a quick post to show off an end table I made for my lovely wife. I had some spare stainless steel tubing in the garage and a friend of mine had milled some Juniper from a tree he removed from his yard. The end result came out quite nice. Sometimes simple is best. I love the way the Juniper looks with just a couple of coats of clear lacquer.



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VGA to HDMI hack

So I got my hands on a Beagle Bone Black and I was really excited to start playing with the little black beast of a computer. At the same time I was ordering it I also ordered a Micro HDMI to VGA adapter. Having done absolutely no research on the BBB, I figured I would plug it in and have a working monitor. Right… Wrong! I got zero on the monitor. So on to the interweb I go and start searching for answers. It turns out the BBB can’t supply the voltage/current needed to run the converter IC in the adapter. Ouch what now? A little further investigation led me to a random post about adding a jumper wire from the 5 volt line on the USB jack to the 5 volt line on the HDMI jack. Don’t get me wrong I love to hack things but I just wasn’t ready to solder a jumper onto my brand new BBB. Instead I thought to myself I have a few 5 volt phone chargers lying around why not hack that into the $10. dollar HDMI adapter, as to not ruin my new BBB. So that’s what I did and so far it works great. Here are a few photos of the hacked adapter.

The Adapter

The Adapter

inside no glue

Inside no glue


Inside, I added a bunch of hot glue to add some support.



Now to start playing with the thing.

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1st one

This is just a test! More to come .


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